Nordic Decoration Style

The Nordic decoration style, also known as Scandinavian decorative style is a native of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In recent years, the Nordic decoration has been increasing its number of adherents rapidly, becoming one of the most popular styles of decoration moment. Overall, we can say that the main idea of the Scandinavian decor is to create beautiful and functional homes, where simplicity, straight lines and white are the protagonists. If you are fond Ikea, soon will understand the concept, it is that Ikea is undoubtedly one of the great leaders of the world in Nordic decoration.

Nordic Decoration Style
The main color in the Nordic decor is white. In the Nordic countries use white and light colors to fight a few hours of light they have in the winter. This translates into walls, ceilings and floors covered in white, who manages to catch the light, creating visually brighter and wider spaces. In some cases, they can give some color to a painting one wall with another color or using patterns and modern papers stay.

To combat monochrome, often use contrasting decorative accessories. They can be used for dark colors like black, brown or navy blue, or bright colors like yellow, red or aquamarine green.

One of the recurring materials in the Nordic decor is wood. Whether for floors, beamed ceilings, furniture or decorative accessories, objects made of wood are usually very present. In lighter or darker shades, wood helps us get a warm, cozy and serene stay connected with nature.

Plants and floral arrangements are also very important in the Nordic decoration, getting that natural look that we seek within our home.

As regards textiles, those materials made of wool, cotton and linen are best suited to decorate our rooms.

One key Nordic furniture decoration is straight and clean lines with soft curves, getting simple environments and minimalist designs. It is important not to overload the room with unnecessary furniture, seeking to pragmatism and aesthetics go hand in hand. Our goal with this decorating style is to get a large, clean space without unnecessary cluttering objects more than anything else.

Although the Nordic furniture is usually simple and minimalist, it is normal to find vintage pieces, retro or industrial type in this kind of stay. This can help to strengthen the personality and character of the decorated room.

Another basic in Nordic decoration, are the paintings, films and photos that decorate the walls. This type of decorative elements are widely used, trying to break a bit with the white walls. Sheets with graphics, illustrations in ink or watercolor, representations of famous paintings like the kiss of Klimt, … any kind of art or photograph has no place in this decorative style. You can visit to get more Nordic decoration style ideas.

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