How to Make Money With a Blog

Every minute created thousands of blogs in the world and that’s because creating a blog is very easy, a child of 7 years old can create a blog.

But what is not easy is to monetize that blog, make money with a blog is a task that hundreds of thousands of people try every day, but very few achieve.

How to Make Money With a Blog
Things to consider when making money with a blog

1. The name of the blog

We start from the basis that to make money with a blog first thing. We need that this blog has a name related to what we want to show, that the mere fact of naming us indicate that is second that domain name, use the blog name should be short and striking. We all remember easily.

2. Content

This can be written and recommend content to position your blog. But it is also essential to have multimedia content, bone images and videos.

The content should be fresh, original, relevant and very natural, nothing that seems forced to read nor copied content.

So it is vital that you write about something that you like it or interests you for creating content you make something easy to carry out. Otherwise, write a blog about something we do not like too much, it can be very boring.

3. The blog platform

To create your blog you have several options, buy a domain and install, or create a blog on directly or platform for blogs, any of the three options are very easy to carry out but my recommendation is to buy a domain and install WordPress.

It will look much more professional when it comes to start generating income online for people who decide to buy your products or services.

To purchase the domain I recommend, but then that domain must be staying in a hosting, I mean a hosting service for your blog can be displayed on the network and for that, I recommend the services of the best service Webempresa hosting Spanish speaking.

And from there it install WordPress on the domain.

Now we go to the topic that interests us, how you will make money with a blog and I must tell you that there are several ways to do this, the first and simplest is to make money with advertising.

It is placing banner advertising companies like Google and make money every time a visitor click on an ad.

To participate in this Google ads program, you must apply for admission after having ready your blog using your Google account email for Gmail bone.

Another option with your accounts is to make money selling digital or intangible products.

For this you can free affiliate companies like Clickbank,, among many others and sell products that are on the platform of these sites.

For every sale you will be creating a commission which was then paid by check, PayPal or directly to your bank account.

And another option that I recommend to make money with a blog, is to market physical products and to do so we recommend you sign up for sites like ebay and amazon affiliate.

This way you can sell products that are already in these stores and earn a commission per sale.

The most important point to make money with a blog

Until all right here, you’ve created your blog, generated content, and monetized it. But if you do not get visitors you will achieve hardly earn some money with your blog.

Now you must attract people interested in your blog and for this you will need web traffic. The same is obtained in two ways: SEO and SEM.

SEO as its initials say it: Search Engine Optimization, optimization for search engines, are very important techniques for organic and attract massive traffic.

SEM: marketing in search engines, they are very important techniques that seek to promote the websites or blogs by increasing their visibility in search engine.

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