Earn Money by Selling eBooks

It is difficult to expect that there are many people who have spent years posting on his blog, but have realized that traffic usually comes from the good news, and that old gradually are forgotten in time, even if there is information very valuable, but of course there are still alternatives to make money by reusing these writings, all you have to do is turn them into a compacting and Ebooks.

What are the advantages of selling an Ebooks?

Earn Money by Selling eBooksThe main thing is that we have a new entry, much is sold or little, we will have a new source of revenue that will always be something useful. On the other hand, we also have the ability to generate web traffic to our site which will raise some our current earnings.

It is also interesting that within our Ebooks can use affiliate links to related products or accessories as hostings and domains.

What should I do to create the book?

First, you should try to collect all his posts, so you have all your information in an accessible way, then you have to organize it into chapters and try these have a timeline. From there always have to write a little more, little holes appear to be filled monkey that the whole book has a total sense.

And I pumped my book where I am selling now?

The first thing that comes to mind is ClickBank, the price should be between 15 – 40 dollars that are quite accessible to our market prices, also need to create a sales page and buy an exclusive domain for the product, remember to set the 75% of profits for affiliates, so that more people are encouraged to promote it.

The other way to sell it is through your own website, with banners and PayPal as well if you have a list of members, should offer the book through it, the price should be 75% cheaper (4 – $ 10) which will help you sell more and still maintain the same profit margin with ClickBank.

As a final comment, we should all have at least one product in ClickBank, I exist or not, this product will help us learn many things that shortly we can apply again so that our chances of success bisnis increase.

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